Maple & Thistle Rye Ale 5.9% ABV


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Brewed to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

As a celebration of the special relationship between Canada & Scotland, and to toast this momentous year, we have brewed something just for Canada: A big, bold beer that is packed with flavours and aromas of toffee, vanilla, oak, citrus, smoky maple and orange oil. Above all though, it’s packed with love. 

This mighty amber ale was brewed with Canadian malted rye crystal, and fistfuls of Goldings and Cascade hops, and then matured in 150 oak barrels for 150 days. After maturation we added in two emblematic ingredients; a hint of Canadian Maple Syrup and some Scottish Thistle. 

Finally, we added some live yeast to the bottle to allow this unique brew to develop and mature over time. 


Amber Ale


Packed full of oak, herbal thistle and smoky caramel


A rich malt backbone with nutty and ripe fruit notes


Creamy with biscuity malt


Extra Pale Ale, Rye and Crystal Malts


Super Syrian, Goldings and Cascade